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FAA Mock Pilot Examinations

Preparing for your checkride can be intense and cause significant anxiety. Don’t experience this anxiety TWICE by being unprepared. Practice makes perfect. Todd conducts mock pilot exams ensuring you walk into your checkride experience with full confidence in your success. During your session, he will ensure you have all of your paperwork in order and your logbook completed. He will walk you through standard questions and offer feedback for stronger responses as needed. Mock checkride times may take as long as 8 hours depending on your ability to answer questions.


Todd is able to offer mock checkride prep sessions in the following areas:


  • Private Pilot Airplane Single and Multiengine Land, Intial and Add-on’s
  • Instrument Airplane rating for Airplane Single and Multiengine
  • Commercial Pilot for Airplane Single and Multiengine Land,┬áIntial and Add-on’s
  • Airline Transport Pilot Airplane Single and Multiengine Land
  • Multi-engine Land practical tests in the Piper PA-44, PA-32, DA-42, and BE-76 are Todd’s specialties.


SCHEDULING: To schedule a mock exam, please contact Todd directly at (706)681-1093.

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