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How many seminars have I presented?
Todd has presented hundreds of successful aviation seminars.
Award for presenting seminars.
Todd has received.
Seminars that Todd has available for speaking on:
and the 2020 Final Rule
○ Basic Aerodynamics
○ Advanced Aerodynamics
○ Aircraft Powerplants
○ Aircraft pressurization systems
○ Aviation Physiology
○ Aviation Weather Theory
○ Aviation Weather Charts and Reports
○ Aviation Weather Planning & Utilization in the Aircraft
○ Equipped to Survive FAR Part 91 Review
○ Flight Review Seminar
○ Fuel Systems
○ GPS Technology
○ Guide to the FAA Practical Examination
○ History of the FAA
○ How to Buy an Aircraft
○ Icing
○ National Airspace System
○ Aircraft Performance/Weight & Balance
○ Using the Practical Test Standards
○ How to Sell Flight Training
○ Standard Instrument Departures & Standard Terminal Arrival Routes
○ Special VFR
○ Terminal Instrument Procedures
○ The POH & Emergency Procedures
○ The Ultimate Preflight
○ Towered & NonTowered Airports
○ Custom seminars to meet your needs

Don’t see what you need? No worries. I can design almost any aviation topic of your choice to be professionally presented at your location or a location fitted to your needs. There is literally no limitations of what you can achieve, and think of it as your own personal training department.

Contact us for a fee schedule.

Key Note Speaker engagements: Contact us for details and pricing.

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